Book Review - Across the Universe (Beth Revis)

Across the Universe

author: Beth Revis
genres: Science Fiction, Dystopia, Mystery, Romance, YA
series: Across the Universe / A Million Suns / Shades of Earth
shelves: awesome-heroine, dem-feels, dumb-romance, dystopia, in-a-galaxy-far-far-away, liked-it, male-lead, oh-no-you-didnt, surprised-me, this-is-not-love, wasted-potential

rating: Loved it!


Book Review - Siege and Storm (Leigh Bardugo)

Siege and Storm

author: Leigh Bardugo
genres: High Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, YA
series: Shadow and Bone / Siege and Storm / Ruin and Rising
shelves: awesome-cover, awesome-heroine, awesome-humor, dem-feels, dumb-love-interest, dumb-romance, not-from-this-world, oh-no-you-didnt, read, squee, surprised-me, too-awesome-for-words

rating: Favorite!!!


The Marry, Kiss, Cliff Tag!

Marry, Kiss, Cliff

TAG-ADDICT RIGHT HERE, so this was perfect for me. And since there are no other tags on TRA yet, I figured I'd do the Marry, Kiss, Cliff Tag here. The rules are easy: put the names of characters you like (most of them are my fangirl-characters, but there are a few I just like, mostly to have someone to kill and so that I'd have three characters to choose every round =D) into a bowl, then randomly pick three and choose who of them you'd marry, kiss or throw of a cliff. So let's start this, shall we? o/


Book Series Review - The Fallen Series (Lauren Kate)


author: Lauren Kate
genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult
books: Fallen / Torment / Passion / Rapture
shelves: awesome-covers, huh, insta-love, so-slow-paced-it-ain't-even-funny, dialga-will-like-it, dumb-heroine, dumb-love-interest, dumb-romance, hated-it, plot-absence, shut-the-hell-up, this-is-not-love, wasted-potential, worst-of-the-worst, yaaaaaawn

rating: Kill it with fire!


Book Series Review - The Iron Fey (Julie Kagawa)

The Iron Fey

author: Julie Kagawa
genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult
books: The Iron King / The Iron Daughter / The Iron Queen / The Iron Knight
shelves: awesome-covers, awesome-heroine, awesome-humor, awesome-romance, dem-feels, fairies, not-from-this-world, squee, too-awesome-for-words, why-did-it-end

rating: Favorite!!!

Welcome to The Reading Alpaca!

The Reading Alpaca is greeting you!

HELLO EVERYBODY! My name is Blutrose (which is German for Bloodrose) but you may call me Bloody. Actually I already have a book blog called 'My Inkheart', but it's completely in German and since I read many English books too and almost all my Goodreads-Reviews are in English, I thought I'd make something like this. Why? Because alpaca, of course.

Ah, that leads to the name of this blog. Why is it called The Reading Alpaca? Well, books... And because alpacas are awesome. Deep down we're all alpacas. =u=

So... Yeah... Enjoy? =D

Oh, and don't care about the 'Mia Dukatia'. That's just my Google+ Name ~