The Marry, Kiss, Cliff Tag!

Marry, Kiss, Cliff

TAG-ADDICT RIGHT HERE, so this was perfect for me. And since there are no other tags on TRA yet, I figured I'd do the Marry, Kiss, Cliff Tag here. The rules are easy: put the names of characters you like (most of them are my fangirl-characters, but there are a few I just like, mostly to have someone to kill and so that I'd have three characters to choose every round =D) into a bowl, then randomly pick three and choose who of them you'd marry, kiss or throw of a cliff. So let's start this, shall we? o/

I present to you: the pink heart bowl of DOOOOOOOM. Enjoy.

Round 1

Sorry for the bad quality. Dx So, we have Ash (The Iron Fey), Jace Lightwood / [any other surname he has] (The Mortal Instruments) and Maxon Schreave (The Selection). This is a rather easy one - I'd marry Ash, kiss Jace, and Maxon goes down the cliff. Sorry, Maxon D=

Round 2

I give you Kaede Higa (Kiss of Rose Princess) - Manga characters are there too, yes =D - as well as Gideon de Villiers (Ruby Red) and Lucas Parker (Shadow Falls)... I'll... I'll... Iiiiii'll... Dammit. I don't wanna kill any of them ;A; Grrr... I kill Gideon, kiss Lucas and marry Kaede. Yep. Settled. I AM SO SORRY Dx

Round 3

We have Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy), Prince/Emperor Kai (The Lunar Chronicles) and Keirran (The Iron Fey). I'll definitely kiss Keirran, but even though I love Adrian, I think Kai would be the better husband, so Adrian will die. T.T (But im preeeetty sure he'll survive it, he's awesome enough for that, so it's not that big of a problem. xD)

Round 4

Ignore the 'e' in Gale Hawthorne (The Hunger Games) and we also got Ikuto Tsukiyomi (Shugo Chara!) and Puck (The Iron Fey). Uh... Gale is going down the cliff (sorry, Gale ._.), I'll kiss Puck and... Marry Ikuto. Right. I can live with that... I guess... Yeah...

Round 5

The double-Leon round? =D Leon Grey (Birthmarked) and his name twin Leon Shirogane (Million Girl), oh, and The Darkling (The Grisha) joined the party too. I'd say... Marry Leon... Kiss the Darkling and Leon goes down the cliff. NOBODY WILL EVER KNOW WHICH LEON MUAHAHAHA. xD

Round 6

Uh. Grayson Spencer (Silber), Dimitri Belikov (Vampire Academy) and Erik Night (House of Night). Hm... Rather easy... Marry Dimitri, kiss Grayson, and Erik is going down the cliff, sorry. ^^"

Round 7

Ah. I already wondered where these three were. ^-^ Roar (Under the Never Sky) meets Cam (Fallen) and Archer (Fire)... Huh... I'd say... Marry Cam? And kiss Roar? Yes. And kill Archer. Yep. That's how I'm gonna do it. Yeah. Yeah... D=

Round 8

The final round, and the last guests are Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries), Archer Cross (Hex Hall) AKA the second Archer in the tag and Xav Benedict (Seeking Crystal)! Uh, I don't wanna kill Xav, I'll definitely marry Damon, but I want Archer to stay alive too ;A; Khhhh... K... Kill Archer. And kiss Xav... DAMMIT DECISION Y U SO HARD T.T *throws archer off the cliff* So. He's dead. I can't undecide. It stays how I told ya... Dx

Ohmygoshthiswassofrigginhardohmygosh. >.<


  1. Great post :D I was thinking about doing this myself after conquering my first doubts and finally enjoying watching this Tag on many channels on Youtube ^^

    Although I don't know the most of those guys I believe it was a really hard decision sometimes xD
    May I "steal" the Tag from you? And there's another "thing" I want to steal from you... you're the first person I know, who made a blog in English although she is German. I think it's a great idea to learn English and to get a bigger audience ^^

    So this is my very bad english comment and I hope you unterstand everything... but I thought "English blog -> English comment" :P And I'm the first one who tries it... great. Hopefully it's not too awkward :S

    Kind regards, Insomnia ^^

    1. Of course you may o/ Do both, I mean x)

      It's not bad =D I always do that myself too, when I'm on other English Blogs by German people, though it feels soo awkward xDD