Bloody's thoughts - The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in our Stars...

... is a YA contemporary book by John Green about cancer, and probably one of the most hyped books I know.


Book Review - The Elite (Kiera Cass)

The Elite

author: Kiera Cass
genres: Romance, Dystopia, YA
series: The Selection / The Elite / The One
shelves: awesome-cover, bad-but-fun, dumb-love-interest, dystopia, liked-it, plot-absence, shut-the-hell-up, so-slow-paced-it-ain-t-even-funny, this-is-not-love

rating: Liked it!


Bloody's thoughts - The Selection (Kiera Cass)

The Selection

... is a YA dystopian novel by Kiera Cass and book one in the Selection trilogy which consists of The Selection (duh), The Elite and The One. And since I am almost finished with The Elite, I don't want to have Siege and Storm 2.0, but actually have both books reviewed...

What would be better than a good old short review? o/ (AKA lemme just copypaste my old goodreads review and pretend it's something new.)


Book Review - Across the Universe (Beth Revis)

Across the Universe

author: Beth Revis
genres: Science Fiction, Dystopia, Mystery, Romance, YA
series: Across the Universe / A Million Suns / Shades of Earth
shelves: awesome-heroine, dem-feels, dumb-romance, dystopia, in-a-galaxy-far-far-away, liked-it, male-lead, oh-no-you-didnt, surprised-me, this-is-not-love, wasted-potential

rating: Loved it!


Book Review - Siege and Storm (Leigh Bardugo)

Siege and Storm

author: Leigh Bardugo
genres: High Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, YA
series: Shadow and Bone / Siege and Storm / Ruin and Rising
shelves: awesome-cover, awesome-heroine, awesome-humor, dem-feels, dumb-love-interest, dumb-romance, not-from-this-world, oh-no-you-didnt, read, squee, surprised-me, too-awesome-for-words

rating: Favorite!!!


The Marry, Kiss, Cliff Tag!

Marry, Kiss, Cliff

TAG-ADDICT RIGHT HERE, so this was perfect for me. And since there are no other tags on TRA yet, I figured I'd do the Marry, Kiss, Cliff Tag here. The rules are easy: put the names of characters you like (most of them are my fangirl-characters, but there are a few I just like, mostly to have someone to kill and so that I'd have three characters to choose every round =D) into a bowl, then randomly pick three and choose who of them you'd marry, kiss or throw of a cliff. So let's start this, shall we? o/


Book Series Review - The Fallen Series (Lauren Kate)


author: Lauren Kate
genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult
books: Fallen / Torment / Passion / Rapture
shelves: awesome-covers, huh, insta-love, so-slow-paced-it-ain't-even-funny, dialga-will-like-it, dumb-heroine, dumb-love-interest, dumb-romance, hated-it, plot-absence, shut-the-hell-up, this-is-not-love, wasted-potential, worst-of-the-worst, yaaaaaawn

rating: Kill it with fire!